Live Review – As December Falls @ Fulford Arms, York


Support:Y!kes, Heartsink

Looking back this was my most anticipated show of 2021 in York mainly because I’ve been waiting to see the headliners As December Falls for ages! On the other hand, I was so hyped for this show as it took place at a favourite venue in my hometown?! I couldn’t think of anything better.

First up were the hometown heroes themselves, Heartsink. Now due to a positive Covid case in the band, they had to go acoustic for the night within a matter of hours and bless them, it worked really well! It’s a tough thing to do in a limited timeframe but it was a really lovely mellow start to the evening, an enjoyable pallet cleanser from the day to get everything and everyone in the mood.

Seconds up were the larger than life Y!ikes. Now truth be told, I had no idea this band were playing until the night but what a surprise! A massive and fresh faced band for me to enjoy who just seemed to soak up every ounce of energy in the place and threw it back to everyone. I hardly see a band that can do this but that made them all the more impressive to watch. Everyone just built on the anticipation from the guitar riffs to the vocals, but the standout? Their very fashionable guitarist mainly because that dude was freaking crazy! if you look at the pics you can certainly feel the energy pulsating right through the pic!

Onto As December Falls, it’s safe to say they didn’t disappoint. The set is filled with loads of their Pop-Punk bangers to prove that yes the UK does have some fantastic talent but more to that, the ferocity the band contain only has them bursting at the seams of the venue especially when they culminate into some of their larger tracks. What’s more is that they’re destined for larger venues soon and with all the festivals they’re going to be a part of in 2022, it’ll only strengthen their fanbase and prepare them to get all their energy out and about! A sonic battle for the ages at this venue, the Sold Out show and tour certainly got the fans their money’s worth and more by the time things got to the end.

With the whole performance, it makes you wonder that where’s the limit for As December Falls? They’re one of the UK’s hot up and coming acts in the entirety of the genre and we can’t wait to see what comes next from the bands.

Rating: 8/10.

Photos by JackLiddPhotography.

Band Interview Of The Day – Trickster Social Club

Hello everybody and today for you we have another edition of the Band Interview Of The Day segment!

If could introduce yourselves for us, who are you?
We are Steve Simoncic and Larry Liss–Co-founders of Trickshooter Social Club.

How did you all meet?
We were introduced by a friend, joined a band together. When that band
called it quits, we immediately started writing songs together. That was over
15 years ago. We haven’t slowed down or looked back.

How long have you been playing?
While Steve and I have been together for many years, this iteration of
Trickshooter has been around for about five years. We have drums, violins,
keys, accordions, bass. Vocalists. But on any given night we have rappers,
pedal steel players, cajon players, spoken word artists. So we never meant to
start a band-we wanted to build a community. Where there’s always an open
seat for an instrument or a voice.

What three words would you use to describe the music you play?
Fuzzy. Twang. Dirty.

What are your musical influences?
We love Tom Petty. The simplicity. The ability to every note meaningful. Wilco
for their beautiful chaos. Cheap Trick because they wrote songs with choruses
and hooks and memorable lyrics. We also love Social Distortion for their tales
of urban street life and the ability to push so much air out of a Marshall amp.
Neil Young because he’s always fucking Neil Young. Leonard Cohen. The Rolling
Stones. And, of course, Metallica. Because they’re all riffs–one killer one after

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen during a show?
Well, we don’t have any weird stories, but we have an amazing one when we
opened up for Pegi Young and The Survivors. Her backing band consisted of
some of the legendary “Swampers” including Spooner Oldham. Being huge fans,we said hello and bought them drinks. They were wonderful folks who watched our soundcheck, sat us down, chatted, showed us their gear (even asking if we’d like to use it). Just warm, incredible humans. We don’t have any exciting train wreck stage stories or backstage antics. We’ve been fairly lucky to meet so many great bands and club workers.

Being away from the stages since last year, where is the one place you’d
visit when the restrictions are lifted?

We’ve always had a soft spot in our heart for (Cabaret) Metro in Chicago.
There’s nothing more iconic-with a history that’s seen so many legendary bands
come through. Pearl Jam’s first tour. Nirvana. Rage against The Machine.
Smashing Pumpkins. Bob Mould. Even saw Ice-T (who did his rap and metal act
there in the same night.) And you feel that history walking through the halls,
coming up on stage-and they treat every band like rockstars. It’s a pretty
special place we can’t wait to get back to.

What’s the one record you own but wouldn’t ever admit to owning?
I’m a huge Wes Borland fan. He’s an unbelievable guitarist. A stompbox zen-
master. And, as it happens, a pretty tasteful songwriter. He churns out riff
after riff that is endlessly simple and highly enviable. Which, in turn, led to the
purchase of a Limp Bizkit album. Or two. But, even though it’s in here, still not
admitting to it.

What have you been listening in the last few weeks?
Been rediscovering a few things lately. Had a steady diet of Black Crowes
lately. They are so damn good. The riffs are amazing. Their harmonies almost
give it a gospel feel sometimes. And just the way the songs ebb and flow is
amazing. The breakdown in “My Morning Song” ranks high on the envy meter as I wish I had written that. And I’m hard-pressed to find a more joyful tune than “Soul Singing”. Just great southern rock mixed with unbelievably talented

Are there any releases you have planned in the near future?
Right now, we’re laser-focused on putting out our new single, “Honey I
Believe” and the new EP, “Monte Carlo”. We have a new label, Animal Farm
Music and they have been spectacular and a true partner and look forward to
working with them more. We are always writing and recording. So we’ll
definitely have more to come in the future.

Amoth (ft. Ensiferum’s Pekka Montin) Share Power Ballad ‘Traces In The Snow’

Finland’s Amoth featuring Pekka Montin of Ensiferum on vocals are sharing their third single “Traces In The Snow” off their forthcoming album “The Hour Of The Wolf” due out on January 28, 2022.

“The ballad of the album. We are very pleased with how this turned out! I think many people will like this even if they don’t otherwise listen to metal music. Very strong lyrical content. Can’t wait for people to hear this.” adds Amoth guitarist and main songwriter Tomi Ihanamäki.

Check out ‘Traces In The Snow’ below.

Memphis May Fire Release Video For ‘Left For Dead’

Memphis May Fire are closing out their 2021 in style with the release of their latest track and video for ‘Left For Dead’.

“It’s definitely not the ‘norm’ to release such a heavy-hearted song this close to Christmas, but the truth is, there are so many people hurting during the holiday season,” explains Mullins. “Pain is an unavoidable part of the human experience and it doesn’t magically disappear at this time of year. I hope that anyone who can relate to ‘Left For Dead’ will feel less alone in their pain, especially during a time when social media makes you feel like you’re the only one struggling. We will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the ‘Left For Dead’ tee in our online merch store to Beneath the Skin, a non profit that provides genuine connection to young women who feel alone through peer-to-peer mentoring.”

While 2021 was an active year for the band, Memphis May Fire are poised to have an even bigger 2022.

Check ou the video for ‘Left For Dead’ below.

Sea Girls Release Video For ‘Hometown’

SEA GIRLS have dropped the lyric video for their latest track Hometown – taken from their highly-anticipated new album Homesick – out 25th March 2022 on Polydor.

Along with today’s new lyric video, the band also recently announced a run of nine special UK outstore performances to celebrate the release of the new record. Coming to towns and cities across the UK in May, it will be a rare chance to see the band up close and personal.

Check out the lyric video for ‘Hometown’ below.

Check out the touring dates for May 2022 below.

May 2022
Tue 3rd                   Manchester, Gorilla
Wed 4th                Liverpool, East Village Arts Club (Out Of Phase Records)
Thu 5th                   Preston, Blitz Club (Action Records)
Sat 7th                    Dundee, The Church (Assai Records)
Sun 8th                   Sheffield, Foundry (Bear Tree Records)
Tue 10th                Bristol, Fleece (Rough Trade)
Wed 11th             Bournemouth, Old Fire Station (Vinilo Records)
Thu 12th                Kingston, Pryzm (Banquet Records)
Sun 15th                Nottingham, The Rescue Rooms (Rough Trade)

Mod Sun Drops New Music Video For ‘Down’

Over the course of 2021, Mod Sun has released a lot of massive material proving all good things come to those who wait.

Over the last few months that material has been toured showing just how amazing the year has been for the artist and it’s all been summed up into a brand new music video for ‘Down’.

Check out the video below.

Check Out Evanescence’s Cover Of The Beatles’ ‘Across The Universe’

Evanescence have dropped a cover of The Beatles’ Across The Universe’

The cover is taken from the Fab Four’s final record ‘Let It Be’ was originally a part of their Synthesis setlist, and it was then released on the Bonus CD ‘A Live Session From Rock Falcon Studio’ which came with the band’s latest album ‘The Bitter Truth’.

Check out the cover below.

Band Interview Of The Day – Flush

Hello everyone! Today on the Band Interview Of The Day segment we have for you some Finnish rock! Described as the band you would hire to play at your own funeral Flush blends together Punk, Hard and Alternative into something truly spectacular!

If could introduce yourselves for us, who are you?

We often ask ourselves that same question. Who are we actually? What does it mean to be a “rock band”? Why do we do it? Are we on a higher mission to provide relief and entertainment to crowds everywhere, or are we just four guys who like to play loud rock songs for living organisms? 

Sorry, I digress. We are Flush, a four-piece rock band from Helsinki, Finland. Our music sounds like when Alternative Rock went for drinks with Punk Rock, met a group of Metal sub-genres at the bar, and had a fun time with way too many shots of the Finnish booze delicacy Jaloviina.

How did you all meet?

Börje (drums) and I (Lasse, vocals & guitars) met when we were kids playing cowboys and indians in our backyards. We met Janne (guitars) as teenagers in an earlier band, and he joined Flush early on, as we needed a second guitar. Eero (bass) joined the band a few years ago after Börje suggested he could be the guy to operate the low frequencies. And Eero turned out to most certainly be that guy. The current Flush is the best incarnation of a band that has been around for a few decades already.

How long have you been playing?

We all found our instruments in the delicate teenage years. I was probably the last to find mine (guitar) at around 16 or so. All of us have played in bands more or less all the time since starting to play. It’s just simply the most fun thing to do.

What three words would you use to describe the music you play?

Melancholic, smart, and multidimensional.

What are your musical influences?

Musically, we started by trying to sound like Bad Religion, and every time we have to name one influence only, Bad Religion is that influence. More recently, bands like Biffy Clyro and Deftones have had a big impact on the song-writing. We are children of the 90s alternative scene, so we could just start listing all the nirvanas, mudhoneys, soundgardens, helmets and sonic youths that inspired us, and still be writing the list tomorrow. I am a huge Pavement fan too and don’t think I’d still be writing for and singing in this band without Pavement. Lyrically, I’d like to see us positioned somewhere between Nick Cave and Frank Turner. Don’t ask me why. It’s just a feeling I have.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen during a show?

Tough one… This is not so much “seeing” but a good story in any case: Our drummer Börje has a tendency of getting into random accidents every now and then. Once, during a show, the splinter from a drumstick flew into his mouth, got stuck in his palate, and nearly choked him. 

Being away from the stages since last year, where is the one place you’d visit when the restrictions are lifted?

You know what, I want to say any place with live music. I’ve got tickets to see The War on Drugs, so that is a concrete place and time to look forward to. For Flush, we have some places and events in the works, but nothing confirmed yet, as nobody knows for sure yet how restrictions will evolve.

What’s the one record you own but wouldn’t ever admit to owning?

Scorpions – Best of Rockers and Ballads. I have it on vinyl from my childhood. It’s not actually terrible, I think, but obviously not something you’d promote in the alternative/punk scene.

What have you been listening in the last few weeks?

I’ve listened to a lot of Spanish Love Songs. They are amazing, just simply great. I’ve also listened a lot to Mogwai’s latest album as well as Deafheaven’s new one, and their older stuff too. I also found this UK based sludge band called Bossk and they are really good. Oh, and Lucy Dacus Oranssi Pazuzu, Full of Hell, and lots and lots of Deftones too. Rage Against the Machine never does not work.

Are there any releases you have planned in the near future?

Glad you asked! We are releasing a new EP this Fall. It’ll come out in November and is called ‘Conspiracies, Threats and Chaos’. It’s a little heavier than our debut album from 2020 (‘It Began as a Mistake’) and we think people will like. The first single ‘Entertainment’ came out in the end of August and the next single ‘Weak and Wrong’ comes out September 17th. There will be videos too and hopefully we get to do some shows once venues start opening around here. Check out our website at or our socials to stay updated on what’s happening in the Flush camp.

Check out Flush via:





Check Out Holding Absence Perform ‘Drugs And Love’ Live

Earlier in 2021 Welsh faves Holding Absence performed their latest record, ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’ in full as part of a very special livestream.

As they kicked off their supporting slot for Creeper, they shared a video for ‘Drugs And Love’ and what a choice it was.

Vocalist Lucas Woodland had this to say about the drop:

“We are once again super excited to show you guys some more footage from our live-streamed album-in-full performance from earlier this year! Drugs and Love is one of our favourite songs on the record, and we’re hyped to release this version for everyone to enjoy.”

Check it out below.

Fatherson Release Live Session For ‘Honest To God’

Fatherson have released another track from their upcoming album ‘Normal Fears’, and it’s balled-based perfection.

In the form of a live session, the track ‘Honest To God’ is such a touching piece to make it as heartfelt as it should be.

Vocalist Ross Leighton had this to say about the track:

“Honest To God is about one of the least confident times in my life, and feeling like a total failure. It’s about that crippling loss of confidence spinning yourself out into a really dark place. Thinking the worst in every situation and not being able to believe in yourself. I spent a long time trying to redefine what music meant to me and how, if ever, I was going to get the spark back. It took a long time to finish, unpacking everything that it is about really took it out of me. I wrote the chorus with my friend Joe from Amber Run over zoom and the verses over about 2 months myself. It had to say just enough and no more, I love that about it. It took a while to distill but as a result it is one of the songs on the album I’m most proud of and one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written.”

Check it out below.