Chameleon Lady Release new Ep, ’11 Waverley Road’

Playing against their namesake, alt-rock band Chameleon Lady define a strong Celtic inspired identity on  their upcoming EP 11 Waverley Road. Named for the house in which the project was written, the EP  marks a move to rockier and experimental waters for the group that reflects on their growth since their 2018  album Calling Card.  

While most bands consider themselves tight-knit, Chameleon Lady are particularly so! Founding member  Cameron Middlemass plays alongside brother Tom Middlemass, Tom’s partner Caitlin Hutchison, her  father Kenny Hutchison, brother Robbie Hutchison, and their cousin Michael Fitzpatrick. The result is a  synergy like no other, with the open and honest approach to songwriting that resulted in focus single  Valentine.  

“One of us will come up with an idea and it’ll either be poopooed very quickly (we can all take it as we’re all  family or partners) or everyone will chip in and shape it into something that suits the song perfectly. Every  song on the EP is a result of complete collaboration within the band (although Cam our lead singer will tell  you every good idea is his!)” 

Opening with the wonderous build and crash into melody of classic 80s rock, Cameron’s energetic vocals  duet Tom’s infectiously catchy riffs, all carried by Robbie’s ever-growing percussion. Valentine rumbles  over into an explosion that is marries the very best of folk rock with the epic builds of a Bon Jovi or Starship  classic.  

Check out the EP ’11 Waverley Road’ below.

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