Erica Arcana Announce New EP ‘Bridget Viginti’

There have been quite a number of bands popping up over the course of the pandemic as people have found themselves with an abundance of time, and that is the story of Circa Arcana from Texas, USA. In the past year they have had their heads down, working away on their debut album “Bridget Viginti”, and now, those hard-hitting breakdowns, groovy melodic bits, and catchy chorus are now ready to be released upon metalcore fans around the world. They have released a video to compliment the first single off this release “Esoteric”, which the band details:

“It was the first single we released as a band. We started writing the song off of the chorus riff. That riff was something I had written about 4 years ago when I played with Frank in another local band but we never did anything with it. When we first formed Circa Arcana and were trying to start writing some songs he remembered that riff. I had to find an old phone recording to remember what he was talking about. We built the song up pretty quickly from there. It’s definitely an eerie song, lyrically touching on the topic of addiction and overcoming it.”

Fierce and heartfelt, their lyrical themes can range from personal struggles with addiction and personal demons to stories of occult legends and disassociated dreams. The band is really driven off by topics that involve tarot magic, black magic, and the occult.

The music video for ‘Esoteric is available to view below.

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