Hardcore Punks Kill Your Idols Return With ‘Simple, Short & Fast’

New York hardcore-punks Kill Your Idols have unleashed their new single “Simple, Short, & Fast”, the band’s first original music since 2006.

The track showcases all the classic glory of the band with fast-paced guitars, energetic drums, and lyrics about real life experiences. The song comes alongside the announcement of a four-song split EP with fellow Long Island hardcore band Rule Them Allon Flatspot Records, set for digital release February 4th with a vinyl release out mid-2022. Both bands recorded with Kill Your Idols drummer Anthony Corallo, with KYI’s tracks being mastered by Will Killingsworth (Orchid) and Rule Them All mixed and mastered with Brian McTernan (Battery, Be Well). 

On the single, guitarist Gary Bennett comments:
“‘Simple, Short, & Fast’ is a song many can relate to. We all have that friend that thinks they can help by being pedantic. They mean well, but sometimes you just need to be alone in your thoughts. You need to sort it out yourself. But it’s also the perfect formula for hardcore music – Simple, Short, & Fast”

Listen to ‘Simple, Short & Fast’ via your preferred streaming service.

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