Hot Flash Heat Wave Share New Track, ‘Where I’ @’

SF-based indie trio Hot Flash Heat Wave share “Where I’m @,” another track off their forthcoming album,  Sportswear (set to be released on February 11, 2022).

Speaking on the single, the band wrote,
“‘Where I’m @’ is about love, growth, and the willingness to accept change. I think it’s an important song because part of any healthy relationship is a willingness to listen and try to meet the other’s needs better, and one of the greatest gifts someone can give you is seeing and working with you as you are, to work and grow together. It’s a personal story about a relationship that taught me a lot about myself – and ultimately the hardest lesson I had to learn as that relationship ended was to be alright being on my own rather than seeking solace from someone else. I was inspired by Stevie Wonder’s honest vulnerability in his music and the hopeful joyous feeling of true acceptance, which I felt from another and am working to feel toward myself.”

Check out ‘Where I’m @’ below.

Check out Hot Flash Heat Wave via:






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