One Step Closer Share Video For ‘Time Spent, Too Long’

One Step Closer have dropped a video for ‘Time Spent, Too Long’.

Lifted from their debut album ‘This Place You Know’, which was released back in September via Run For Cover Records, and will see them tour the UK early next year.

Vocalist Ryan Savitski says of the video: “We decided to make the video based around a younger kid who is just struggling with life and trying to find some purpose. Since it’s a short song, the goal was to make a simple story that you can follow with nice articulated shots that keep it interesting. It makes it feel more like a movie than a music video, which makes it even cooler. This is our first professionally shot music video and I’m super hyped on how it turned out.”

Director Jake Elko adds: “For the video production of Time Spent, Too Long, I wanted to capture the feeling of loneliness that relates to so many of us growing up in Wilkes Barre while showing off some of the hidden beauty surrounding the city. Working within an extremely short timeframe, Kyle and I worked together alongside Dante and the band on different sets creating unique visuals with modern film techniques. We were really excited to incorporate FPV drones into our workflow which allowed us to push the limits of our vision.”

Check it out below.

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