Avril Lavigne To Turn Sk8er Boi Into A Film For It’s 20th Anniversary

An old banger is set for a new lease of life as Avril Lavigne’s Sk8er Boi is set to come a film.

The Canadian star has recently shared how “stoked” she was about the current pop-punk revival happening across the world right now, and with the scene’s re-explosion into the world she is turning one of her best and well known works into a film.

“Recently with it being almost the 20th anniversary, a lot of people have been asking me to play this song on TV shows, so it keeps getting brought back up and people will always reference it to me,” Avril says on iHeartRadio’s She Is The Voice podcast. “And so, I’m actually going to turn this song into a film and take it to the next level.”

Going into the inspiration behind the track Sk8er Boi (and perhaps giving an indication about how the lyrics may translate on-screen), Avril continues: “You know what it was like in high school, you have all the different groups and cliques, and there’s like skaters, preps and jocks. It’s kind of like a missed opportunity at love.

Listen to the interview in full below:

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