Crown The King Release New Cover For The Festive Season

Irish pop-punk newcomers CROWN THE KING have released a cover of Westlife’s ‘When You’re Looking Like That’ as a gift to fans this festive season.  

Okay, so technically it’s not a Christmas song, but we did a cover of Westlife’s ‘When You’re Looking Like That’ for TikTok earlier in the year and people got really into it. I had written a full arrangement even though we only needed a chorus for the TikTok and it was just too good not to release in full,” says guitarist Seán Hodson. “As a fellow Irish boyband it seems fitting that we would pay homage to the lads and since Christmas is coming up it’ll be much easier to tell my extended family that I’m in a Westlife tribute act than it would be trying to explain to them what pop punk is,” he adds.

“The first album I ever got for Christmas when I was a kid was Westlife’s ‘Coast to Coast’ and though my tastes (obviously!) changed over the years, ‘When You’re Looking Like That’ has always stuck out for me as a great song! For years I’ve wondered how it’d sound in a pop-punk setting – and thanks to Sean’s absolute wizardry, now we know! We are so happy with how it came out and hope you all enjoy it too,” says bassist Eanna Brown.

The band are also gearing up to release their anticipated 4-track debut EP ‘Groundhog Day‘, set for release on 2nd February (self-release), and will be playing their first ever live show on 11th February at Whelan’s in Dublin. 

Check out the cover for ‘When You’re Looking Like That’ below.

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