William Ryan Key Announces New EP, ‘Everything Except Desire’

William Ryan Key has announced a brand new EP is coming at the start of 2022.

‘Everything Except Desire’ will drop on February 11 via Equal Vision/Rude Records.

On the upcoming EP, Key says:

“Ever since I started making my own music, I think I’ve been searching for what became ‘Everything Except Desire’. I took a risk and created something completely unlike anything I’ve released in the past,” he beams. “This record felt like a big step for me both as a writer and a producer.” 

You can hear the first taste right now in the form of ‘Face In A Frame’, a track that softly shimmers with entrancing synths and beautifully considered vocals. It’s a gorgeous track that demonstrates just how different this release is going to be.

This is what the song is about according to WRK:

“’Face in a Frame’ started with one simple piano loop and ended up opening the door to one of the most creatively inspiring sessions of my career,” he explains. “I tried to stay lyrically honest, while building a track that takes the listener on a journey of self-discovery.” 

Check out ‘Face In A Frame’ below.

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