Fiddlehead Announce Rescheduled UK Tour Dates

Fiddlehead were set to headline a number of shows in the UK next month but they have pushed them back to August of this year.

Militarie Gun are still set to be the support for the tour.

Here are the rescheduled dates.


13 – KINGSTON Fighting Cocks
14 – BRIGHTON Green Store Door
15 – LONDON Underworld
16 – BIRMINGHAM Mama Roux’s
17 – BRISTOL Exchange
18 – LEEDS Brudenell
19 – MANCHESTER Rebellion
20 – GLASGOW Stereo

Mod Sun Announces UK Headlining Show

Mod Sun has announced a headlining show to go with the Slam Dunk Festival dates later in 2022.

DeathbyRomy will be supporting the show at London’s Underworld on June 1st where he’ll play track from ‘Internet Called The Rockstar’ in the country for the first time!

So you’ll get a touch of this:

And This:

Dive Into Despair With The Latest Video For Arsenic Addiction’s ‘Tomb Of Sleep’

n 2019, Utah’s Arsenic Addiction released their third album “XIX”, they are now releasing a video for the single “Tomb of Sleep”. To put it bluntly, the song is about suicide ideation, apathy, depression, and the inner battle that these things cause and wanting to give in to what seems like relief, but finding yourself conflicted “between two worlds”. The band put it forth as a single because not only does it represent the album well, but ties together their old material and what is to come. They explain the track:

“We wanted the viewer to experience what these emotions can feel like. Deep in the woods, death following you, in purgatory, blinded. The weight of these emotions can make you feel like you’re being buried alive, bled dry, and ultimately hopeless. Everyone knows what a battle with mental illness can look like but not everyone knows what it feels like. We hope this video provides a small window into that world and what it feels like to struggle within when you’re already dead but somehow still breathing.”

The album “XIX” is the story of an outsider, relatable to those who dare to be different, strange, or unusual and are made out to be monsters, demons, or witches because of it. It’s the journey of the human soul from a feminine perspective experiencing love, hate, finding inner power, and making deals with the devil to conquer those who would stand in the way of that power. “Tomb of Sleep” is meant to feel aggressive, dark, and a look inside her feelings of hopelessness and loss.

Gothic in sound, Arsenic Addiction‘s music is melodic and both beautiful and sorrowful. It is recommended for fans of In This Moment, Arch Enemy and Myrkur.

Check out the video for ‘Tomb Of Sleep’ below.

Live Review – This Time Last Year @ Boom, Leeds

Date: 22/01/22

Support: Pray For Hayden, Lyon Estates, Shark Bait, Stray Weather, Plot 32

The time has come. The first show of the new year. 2022 is finally here and now for some Pop Punk? Yes. Punk? Damn Right and Ska? only joking, who doesn’t love a bit of Ska? Time for a little bit of a boogey.

Kicking things off are the Yorkshire based Pray For Hayden. This is one of their first shows back as a band after the pandemic with heir previous shows being forced to be cancelled right at the beginning of the pandemic all those years ago now. But it was totally worth the wait because it’s fantastic to see so many talented musicians from the area all coming together again. Hitting the notes where they count, it’s thet kick off to the Pop-Punk-y goodness that gets people in.

Heading over to the next act in Lyon Estates with one member Mr Johnny Gill fronting and on main vocals for this band, there’s a definite Jimmy Eat World vibe to what I remember most but with a little more kick. Heading in with some excitement, they continue to keep the crowd in the palm of their hands and settle into their set very well. Every since their formation, the band have always produced some solid sets and fit perfectly within any bill and always looks s if they’re enjoying themselves.

Next up the ever energetic Shark Bait. One band that’s guaranteed to get you moving no shatter what, they always keep the crowd in the palm of their hands, they perfectly roundhouse kick their way into everyones hears. With one of their mainstays for their set ‘Better Late Than Never’ gets the warmest welcome of the show of any set so far which proves yet again to be a great banger.

Giving us a good pallet cleanser is the punk trio Stray Weather. Exploding into some riffs and political views, you forget it’s a Pop Punk night for moment and sometimes that is a good thing. For one, when you get to the proceedings, it all kicks off with a luminescent bang and they’re as sweaty as they can be with all the trashing they’re doing . Hitting the sweet spot, they’re nothing if not a fun watch.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Ska. possibly some memes come to mind and I get it Ska isn’t everyones cup of tea but does Plot 32 care? I think not. and the answer to that question is because they’re having a massive good time. Whenever this band were on stag, it was as if I was watching a dysfunctional sitcom TV family play out to their hearts content and that is always such a beautiful thing to be watching. It’s easy to forget that in an instant, especially when you see some members of the crowd performing a ska dance but do we laugh? no. we join in as if there’s no tomorrow.

Now the community here today has just pure been mind blowing, everyone’s come together for the music that’s played today and that couldn’t be better. By the time the headliners in This Time Last Year take to the stage, everyone is just warmed up that more the more moshes can happen and the vocal singalongs can happen. In fact, every moment of the show on the day has been intricately woven together to the collective goal of continuous entertainment where there’s not a moment of silence during the sets where you can take your eyes off it all.

There’s more life injected into the crowd during TTLY’s set, they’re an absolute powerhouse of crowd pleasers in the best way to say that the setlist just feeds off one another, with a little help at the end int he form of some covers to just help lift the roof off its hinges more.