Ravive Releases New single, ‘Las Vegas Makes Me Sick’

Pop’s grunge-girl Ravive has released her new single, “Las Vegas Makes Me Sick,”. The sleek alt-fused track is more than autobiographical – it’s confessional. Ravive’s lyrics add an extra layer of maturity to her brand of grunge-y pop, and give listeners a wide landscape of synth sounds. “Las Vegas Makes Me Sick” is a testament to Ravive’s stunningly dramatic synth-laden alt experimentation – and she’s only on her fourth single. About the song, Ravive states: 

When I was just 13, I began being psychologically and emotionally abused by an older ‘man’ from Vegas. My naive 13 year old self fell in love with a sheer fantasy – one that led me to the west coast after graduation to be with a prince. But he was nowhere near royal, and instead I was taken advantage of by an online predator for 4+ years. I’d never been to Vegas until just a few years back, and when I was there, I kept looking behind my shoulder, thinking that he was lurking around, maybe following me. I couldn’t enjoy the visit without the outstanding paranoia. So “Las Vegas Makes Me Sick” confronts the fear I felt while over there, and tries to take back my power by agreeing to head onto the strip with conviction next time.

Check out the track, ‘Las Vegas Makes Me Sick’ via your preferred streaming service.


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