Check Out Howard Kaye’s Latest Track, ‘Devil’s Playground’

Howard Kaye is a prime example of an artist who is moving with the times and reverting back to his true and belonging passions. Starting off in the world of hip-hop/electronic music as the lead singer for UK group CROOX, Howard quickly found his love for different genres, as well as the explorational realms you can go to when being as part of a creative group. Through a lot of success, he then slowly started to realise that although his passion for electronic and hip-hop was viable, he had always grown up influenced by the powerful and mesmerising world of rock.

This song idea initially came from none other than Ben Thatcher from Royal Blood himself, who sent him a drum beat for the track for Howard to mould into his own. He quickly did this, and the result is another heavy dosage of sinister and dark rock ‘n’ roll, filled with droning guitars and an atmosphere that is reminiscent once more of Linkin Park, mixed with a modern day twist that is Howard’ doing and his alone.

‘Devil’s Playground’ is yet another statement from Kaye, who is set for a massive 2022. An undeniable talent who has had the confidence to go beyond the foundations he has already built as an artist – there are only bigger and better things to follow.

Check out ‘Devil’s Playground’ below.

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