Check Out Tarah Who?’s Latest Track, ‘Push Me’

Okay so I may have slept on this one for the last month. Tarah Who?’s latest track featuring YUR MUM, “Push Me,” is available on major platforms. Known for their unorthodox and non-conformist tone, and “Push Me” is their latest to communicate that message.

Inspired by the 2020 Grammy’s, Tarah realized that the entire rock category and performances were absent on live TV. Feeling that a female rock band is currently overlooked in the music industry, Tarah set out to write a song with YUR MUM that is meaningful to both bands but also all of the hard-working independent musicians trying to get attention and the honor of winning a Grammy award.

“Push Me” is a track that sheds light on the lack of representation of rock bands, especially female-fronted rock bands. While listening to podcasts and watching music documentaries, Tarah was shocked and disappointed to hear artists in the rock genre talk about the changes in the current music industry. Aware of the atrocities, “Push Me” uses the power of sound and raw lyrics to stand up for rock artists and female-fronted rock bands. The band’s explosive and original sound blended with vocals that serve as a plea and statement to the music industry, Tarah Who?’s latest track is a catalyst for exposing bias and the lack of rock representation in the music industry.

Check out ‘Push Me’ below.

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