Redhook Unleash Hectic New Single, ‘Low Budget Horror’

Sydney-based alternative-rock force RedHook have recently unleashed their diabolical new single ‘Low Budget Horror’ – arguably their heaviest single to date and their first-ever self-produced effort. 

Produced by RedHook guitarist Craig Wilkinson, mixed by James Paul Wisner (Stand AtlanticUnderoath) and mastered by Sam Guaiana (Between You & Me), the track delivers a frantic explosion of Pendulum-Esque drum & bass energy, walloping guitar riffs and theatrical, aggressive vocals raised in a blistering war-cry against online bullying. 

Lead vocalist Emmy Mack explains the inspiration behind the track:

“Writing ‘Low Budget Horror’ was a necessary catharsis for me after a bit of a messed-up experience I had during Sydney’s 2021 COVID lockdown.

A person I’d never met before reached out over social media to give me a heads up that someone else, a total stranger to me, had been (and there really isn’t a more delicate way to put this) viciously blogging her attempts at home-wrecking my relationship. Then, after being confronted with what she’d been doing, the bully backtracked & blamed her actions on her mental health.

I am so sick of people using mental health to justify hurting and harming others. It’s not. And this song is the sound of me processing all my thoughts & feelings around that situation – anger, shock, disgust, pity.

Lyrically, ‘Low Budget Horror’ is a metaphor for online bullies and the pain they try to inflict, casting their targets as victims in a gruesome public spectacle. But more often than not, it’s a pretty D-grade performance.”

Check out the single, ‘Low Budget Horror’ via your preferred streaming service.

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