French Metal Rapcore Outfit Waking The Sleeping Bear Share New Music Video

A couple of months afther the official release of debut full-length album ‘P*rno Future’, French metal/fusion/rapcore gang Waking The Sleeping Bear just unveiled another music video illustrating the single “Plus rien à perdre” and available right now on YouTube.

For reminder, this song is part of the tracklisting of ‘P*rno Future’ , the band’s debut full-length album released last year and still available on CD & Digital trough Bandcamp + all legal platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon etc.).

“The music of Waking The Sleeping Bear is an all-angers crossoad. It’s about time passing, past adolescence too quickly disappeared, about the anguish of the future by the ones that are dismayed by the past… Dressed sometimes with tribal sounds, sometimes with suffocating synthetic ambiences, the “nü metal” of WTSB hammers with rage some powerful convictions over a frenetic French-speaking phrasing, sometimes sung, rapped, shouted,…”

Check out the music video for ‘Plus rien à perdre’ below.

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