Hollow Front Release New Single & Video For ‘Comotose’

Grand Rapids metalcore risers Hollow Front have ripped into 2022 with the release of their searing new single ‘Comatose’ today. 

Hollow Front vocalist Tyler Tate shares that ‘Comatose’ is ultimately about battling against depression while living in the hopeless, nightmarish world situation of the pandemic. Specifically, the song explores him being left with a comatose-like feeling after having live music, life purpose and meaning ripped from underneath him due to restrictions.

“I came up with this concept while being caught in the depths of depression during the heaviest part of the pandemic. When the entire music industry was shut down, and there was no sign of a comeback sight. Everything we had worked for was taken away in the blink of an eye and we had no idea when we would get it back. It was terrifying,” he shares.

“I felt like I was fighting an impending darkness all the time, what I refer to in the song as “the sleep”; that feeling as if you’re just floating through your life, without happiness or purpose. Almost like being in a coma, but still retaining your higher cognitive functions. You’re aware of what’s happening around you, but don’t know how long you’ll be stuck this way, or if you’ll ever truly feel awake and alive again. But you have no choice but to press on, even though you feel trapped by the weight of carrying on. I think a lot of human beings feel this way, especially over the past few years. Some of us are on autopilot, just taking life day by day and hoping to feel happy and normal again.”

Check out the video for ‘Comatose’ below.

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