Norway’s YAWN Announce New Record

YAWN is unconventional and futuristic, and their upcoming album “Materialism” is a dynamic journey through 37 minutes of continuous music performance. The intention is to make the audience feel like this is something new and they instigate this with the single “Lachrymator II : Lignite”. 

The album was composed of small ideas that later evolved into long compositions. The element of improvisation provided a lot of different material to work with and allowed YAWN to compose pieces of music that contrast hard-hitting metal riffs with open improvised soundscapes. The four selected pieces “Cement”, “Chaos”, “Lachrymator” and “Tokamak”, were divided into 3 – 5 shorter “episodes” to make the record fit into the modern digital streaming world plus suit modern attention spans. Although it is meant to be consumed as a continuous music performance, each excerpt stands by itself. The band shares their thoughts on the single:

“It’s the first section of the piece called “Lachrymator”. This song is best known among our fans as the part of the show where Simen goes into an insane mode, smashing a drumstick onto his bass strings like it’s literally the end of the world. The first time he did this during rehearsal, it blew us all away. No distortion or overdrive effect could ever come close to the raw aggressiveness of the sound coming out of his amplifier, while hitting the strings in this way. When we recorded the track, we even changed the drumstick for a screwdriver. The way that bass guitar grinds along with our two guitars in the opening is exactly the pure aggressive energy and rawness we seek in our heavy sound.”

YAWN got together and started working on the material for this record almost three years ago, in that time they worked to develop the sound of the band. Eventually, they developed software specially designed for their needs, which digitally processes the instruments and creates unique digital soundscapes during improvisations.

Creative and bold, YAWN is recommended for those who enjoy the obscure especially those with an interest in Meshuggah, Car Bomb and Vildhjarta.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting for the upcoming record below and stream ‘“Lachrymator II : Lignite” below. Pre-orders are available via the bands Bandcamp page.

1. Cement III : Gobsmack
2. Cement III : Fall Out
3. Cement III : Restart, Reload, Rebuild
4. Chaos I : Artificial Superstition
5. Chaos I : Greed (
6. Chaos I : ISM
7. Chaos I : Untelligence
8. Chaos I : Order
9. Lachrymator II : Lignite
10. Lachrymator II : Erebus & Terror
11. Lachrymator II : Tripwire
12. Lachrymator II : Unstoppable force
13. Tokamak IV : Immovable Object
14. Tokamak IV : Critical Mass
15. Tokamak IV : Fluorescence & Entropy
16. Tokamak IV : Confluence

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