Victoria Alex Is ‘Screaming’ To Be Heard In Her New Track

Canadian alt. pop-punk artist Victoria Alex, has unleashed her debut single “Screaming”.

On the release, she says:

“The music is a lot about the stupid things we do as teens, and all the people you meet along the way,” she muses. “It’s music about falling in love, and making mistakes, but also about trying to find your purpose in this world.

“I’m a very sensitive, loving person, and helping people is part of me. I’ve always been that way — that person who ‘feels too hard.’ My mom says it’s in our family’s genes…

“While it can sometimes get me into trouble,” she continues, “it actually helps with my music. I work with my producer and share stories of my most meaningful experiences, and how I feel, and the music unfolds from there.”

Super-charged, yet soothing all the same, “Screaming” reflects this intersection of talent and triumph with a deft ease as it blasts through speakers; it’s the balm for what ails. 

“I’m unafraid to speak the truth for my generation in a way that everyone can hear,” Victoria Alex says. “The hope is that the music helps people get through their own stories, as well.” 

Check out ‘Screaming’ below.

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