Ludic Releases New Track, ‘Judge Me’

Hello everyone, do you want some Alt-Poppy goodness mixed with some dizzying and psychedelic visuals? Then do I have a great track for you today!

Ludic have dropped the first single off the upcoming EP, set to be released later this year.

On the release, Ludic says:

Judge Me” is about feeling lonely in a relationship, like you can’t do anything right. The constant effort to try and change is not working, and being met with more criticism.

While intended to be helpful, being constantly criticized hurts! Both people are in the right, and both are in the wrong, and neither wants to make the other person feel this way.  

We explore those everyday sorts of conflicts in the official video, illustrating a realization of harmful patterns but a determination to mend them in commitment to love.

Check out the track, ‘Judge Me’ below or Via Apple Music / Spotify.

Check out Ludic via:




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