Nashville Alt-Pop Artist RAEYA Releases New Track, ‘Dream’

Nashville Alt-Pop artist RAEYA returns once again with her dreamy Electro-Pop sound on the new single ‘Dream’. Having already made a name for herself with features across tastemaker blogs surrounding her previous releases ‘Just Wanna Say’, ‘Make You Feel’ and ‘Escape’, Raeya is looking to maintain the momentum and propel further towards stardom.

Speaking on ‘Dream’, RAEYA said: “Dream is a romantic parallel to a larger concept – it’s a song about being led by the dreams and visions in your mind, and actually having the courage to lead a life led by the desires in your heart. We often create a world of possibility in our head/mind but don’t fully have the courage to go for them, or to believe that our visions are possible. Dream is a song about wondering if your wildest visions can become a reality if you choose to believe that those possibilities exist for you, and that you are actually made for your wildest dreams and imaginations.”

Check ou the track, ‘Dream’ below.

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