Liquid State Drop New Track, ‘Static’

Bristol based quartet Liquid State have dropped a new track, ‘Static’ which is a slice of nu-metal and the rousing brutality of post-hardcore.

Keren Ashley (Vocals) had this to say about it:

“The lyrics were written about situations where people can get ‘blinded by love’, to the point that they’re constantly being lied to and manipulated but they’re totally blinded by the deception. The inability to see through to the truth; whether this being unintentional or because they don’t want to accept the truth so chose to protect themselves through naivety instead. Although my personal take on this song was written about a romantic relationship, the lyrics aren’t subjective to just an unhealthy romance. They are open to whichever scenario and whoever the listener associates the topic with most; there are many situations beyond just sexual relationships where people can fall victim to deception and manipulation.”

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