Set It Off Release New Single, ‘Who’s In Control’

Set It Off have released their new track, “Who’s In Control,” 

“Who’s In Control” taps into a troubling experience that all creative minds encounter: being paralysed by an influx of fear and outside pressures. In Set It Off’s case, the ever-evolving Alternative group sings of questioning who is actually controlling their identities in the midst of expectations for artists to become musical machines. “Who’s In Control” is their third single from their upcoming record, Elsewhere, available everywhere on Friday, March 11th. 

Set It Off has been exploring the theme of neon macabre in their latest releases, and “Who’s In Control” is no exception; the single screams the most like a horror movie— almost as though the listener is being chased through a house of mirrors. An unsettling shrill shocks listeners in the opening seconds, leaving them on edge as they’re hit with a suspenseful Pop-Punk sound and lyrics of being poisoned by negativity. A feeling that the band knows all too well, singer/lyricist Cody Carson relays his thoughts about negativity getting the best of him: “everyone loves feeling like they have control over their own life, their own decisions, or their overall destiny, but sometimes outside voices scream so loud at you that they shake you up and make you adjust your path.” “Who’s In Control” thus acts as the band’s acknowledgment of that fear. 

Check out the video for ‘Who’s In Control’ below.

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