Emma Peridot Releases New Single, ‘Could’ve Been’

Emma Peridot is driven to create music that will capture the hearts of masses, all the while remaining unapologetic about who she is. Her alt-pop sound blends elements of pop-rock and electropop, and her lyrical content examines traditional themes of love, lust, angst and heartbreak, while also getting vulnerable about anxiety, self-doubt, and insecurity. As a young, LGBTQ+ pop artist, it’s all about the journey of documenting her experiences in a way that resonates with all those who feel misunderstood.

‘Could’ve Been’ starts off as your standard melodramatic Poppy noise but then escalates into a more Rock Remix to send chills all the way down your spine. An amalgamation of the fusion to what happens when you have the clashing in the best of both worlds, it’s this that keeps you wanting more and you will but the end of the track.


Check out the track, ‘Could’ve Been’ below.

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