Live Review – Casseyette – Key Club, Leeds

Date: 24/02/22

Support: Bambie Thug, ALIENBLAZE

Another new artist to check out! Looking forward to a mixture of genres we’ve been getting recently, it’s always so exciting to see what new blood has been making waves. Tonight we have a look at the ongoing evolution of some of the country’s leading new wave.

Kicking things off is the 19 year old ALIENBLAZE. After some initial nerves, the singer/songwriter intices us with interesting riffs and high energy to make us stand still and listen to what this one has to say. She channels that inner emo we had growing up with the warmth and appeal we have for the genre.

Okay firstly can we get a Bambie Thug headlining tour? She is ready for it! Now I first saw her support wargasm towards the back end of 2022 and now… we’re in a trance you don’t want to wake from. The hyper pop starlet comes out and her theatrics just take it to another level with her passion as well as the bite in her lyrics. She continues to push the boundaries of a genre that’s all her own and there’s nothing like her performance tonight.

There’s always a theatricallity to Bambie Thugs and always for better makes ear worm tracks that sit and fester in your brain for weeks and months on end. From here, the artist is one that enthrals her audience time and time again. Multiple viewings on a tour are needed for this artist.

Lastly we have the flying high Casseyette. You feel the tension here, but when the music slams in her performance is something else! There’s emotion all over the artists face which mixes with her vocal performance beautifully and from there the connection she has to everyone in the room is constant, interacting with the crowd as she’s fueled by everyone’s energy in the room.

Offering a mix of multiple genres, its the influences that generate the curiosity in this artist, she’s something else entirely in a new wave of artists, she fits the bill for someone who has everything at her fingertips in music. Her music is treated as if it’s old favourites, she’s an unapologetic indulgence that captivates everyone but I will say her set runs a little too short. We’re coming down from that sugar rush too soon and if this is what she’s capable of now, I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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