Palisades Release New Single, Announce Upcoming Record, ‘Reaching Hypercritical’

NPalisades have dropped their latest single and music video “Better” (via Rise Records). Not only that, but the band has also announced their forthcoming album ‘Reaching Hypercritical’ (out on Friday 22nd July), their latest LP since 2018’s ‘Erase The Pain’. “Better” speaks to themes of mental health, including frontman Brandon Elgar’s experiences with agoraphobia, chronic anxiety, depression, and dissociative disorders. Speaking on today’s release, Brandon shares:

“What I want people to get out of this song is, I want them to feel safe listening to it… especially if you suffer from these things. At the end of the day, it’s all that I want to feel, is better. And I think that’s why that became such a stamp in this song because I think that’s what everybody wants to feel… Awareness is important, being kind to people is important. So I hope you get satisfaction out of this song like it has done for me.”

Check out the Cover Art, Track-listing, Music Video for ‘Better’ below and Pre-order options can be found via the following link.

1. My Consequences
2. Reaching Hypercritical

3. Invincible (Die Down)

4. Your Misery
5. Without You
6. Better
7. Fray
8. Sick Of The Attitude 9. Fade Away
10. Sober
11. Closure

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