Julia Gaeta Shares Paris Inspired Dark Reverie Debut Single, ‘Weight Of You’

Paris-based American artist Julia Gaeta presents her debut single ‘Weight of You’, an adrenaline-packed song inspired by the juxtaposition of dark reverie and grit that is Paris, tastefully combining sweeping hooks and industrial textures with ethereal sensuality and sultry grit.

Drawing from her love of pop, driving beats and thick atmosphere and with ample experience making heavy music, she has forged her own sound, having been a songwriter and performer with acts such as Dreamwheel, Albez Duz, Restless Ghosts, Light of the Morning Star and DIY guitar project Madrigal.

“The video was shot in the Pigalle neighborhood of Paris, famous for its sex clubs and cocktail bars. Director David Fitt and I share a love for David Lynch and his hazy, dreamlike worlds of cabaret and sensual darkness. So the video is an homage to Lynch and Paris’s mix of grit and beauty, which always blows my mind and has helped me articulate, musically, the themes and songs from my upcoming EP.”

With an education in 90s rock, heavy metal, post-punk and goth rock, she also appreciates music with empowering female leads, ranging from grunge and ethereal to contemporary experimental, Avant-pop and even classical music (her parents both play in symphony orchestras). Gaeta’s music is ultimately a melting pot of all these influences.

‘Weight of You’ is the first taste of her debut EP – an exploration of pain in various forms – which she plans to release later this year.

Check out the track ‘Weight Of You’ below.

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