Conjurer Announces New Record, ‘PÁTHOS’

Conjurer have announced their highly-anticipated new record. ‘Páthos’ will be released on July 01 via Nuclear Blast.

Bassist Conor Marshall had this to say about the announcement:

“Excited to finally be able to share the album with everyone! I’m sure this is the same for every band trying to release an album during the pandemic but it feels like we’ve been holding on to it for so long, so it’s nice for it to not be my problem anymore and to be able to actually talk about it!”

Guitarist/vocalist Dan Nightingale on the track ‘It Dwells:

“I think ‘It Dwells’ is a good introduction to the sound of the record, from the musical influences to the lyrics and how we’ve drawn from what’s been going on in our lives, it’s one of our most personal outings for sure. It’s nice to have been able to step up our game with the music videos for this album as well. Good album. Top track. Boss man.”

The artwork looks like this:

01. It Dwells
02. Rot
03. All You Will Remember
04. Basilisk
05. Those Years, Condemned 
06. Suffer Alone 
07. In Your Wake
08. Cracks In The Pyre

Pre-orders for the upcoming record, ‘Páthos’ are available via the following link.

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