Live Review – Stand Atlantic @ Stylus, Leeds

Date: 22/03/22

Support: The Dead Love, Lauran Hibberd

Two years (just about) in the making for this tour and we are here! It’s getting. little colder on the evenings but the Pop-Punk destruction makes our heart warm as much as we move tonight! It’s a bloody good reception for the band and we’re here to watch Aussie Pop-Punk faves Stand Atlantic. Last time out we were at the Key Club just down the road so naturally, it’s a larger room for more insanity.

The Dead Love take to the stage first and they’re a pure Pop0Punk band to match the headliners albeit a touch more grungy than they let on. They’re a punchy band who aren’t afraid to dip into some material that hits harder than most and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been too hyped for an opener. More of this please!

Next with a whirlwind of a performance was Lauran Hibberd. Now I wasn’t sure what to expect, I was thinking from the outset, more pop but I couldn’t have been more wrong. There was so much energy building up in her performance and she couldn’t have been more welcomed to the band where when she makes her inevitable return, there’s going to be plenty of familiar faces in that crowd.

Two years in, there’s been one record cycle in Jurassic Park that ended and now we are finally in the new era. Kicking things off there was no question Stand Atlantic are one of the mainstays of the genre at the moment, with grins on everyones faces you have a good mix of the tracks in the set from Eviligo and something a little more heartwarming in ‘Skinny Dipping’.

The crowds energy in Leeds is always so interesting to watch because with Stand Atlantic it’s always a mix of the genre’s you get but that did come to a stop when toothpick came on. For this track front woman Bonnie Fraser and Guitarist David Potter made their way over to the wheelchair access lift and well.. in a nutshell.. they got stuck for a moment halfway into he track but in true Pop-Punk spirit, they continued.

Things quickly went straight back to eleven with tracks such as Lavender Bones, Coffee At Midnight (which are so beautiful live btw) everyone looked as if they were going into a frenzy! They couldn’t have ended on a higher note because when they come back to the UK for Slam Dunk Festival more carnage will be had!

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