Health & Ekkstacy Release New Single, ‘Still Breathing’

HEALTH have dropped their new track, “STILL BREATHING,” a collaboration with teenage post-punk experimentalist EKKSTACY, from the band’s forthcoming album DISCO4 :: PART II, due out on 8th April via Loma Vista Recordings.

Check out ‘Still Breathing’ below.

Check out the Cover Art and Tracklisting for Disco4 below.

DISCO4 :: PART II Tracklist:
02. HEALTH x Nine Inch Nails – “ISN’T EVERYONE”
03. HEALTH x Ada Rook x PlayThatBoiZay – “MURDER DEATH KILL”
04. HEALTH x Maenad Veyl – “IDENTITY”
05. HEALTH x Lamb of God – “COLD BLOOD”
06. HEALTH x The Body – “AD 1000”
08. HEALTH x Street Sects – “THE JOY OF SECT”
10. HEALTH x The Neighbourhood – “NO ESCAPE”
11. HEALTH x Perturbator – “EXCESS”

Pre-orders for the record are available via the following link.

Health are set to Tour the UK in April. Below are the touring dates.

APRIL 2022
18th April – Stereo Cafe Bar – Glasgow
19th April – White Hotel – Manchester
20th April – Castle And Falcon – Birmingham
21st April – Studio 9294 – London

Without Warning Take A Darker Turn With New Single & Music Video For ‘Insanity’

Without Warning keeps evolving as they release their second single “Insanity” via Inverse Records. The band is slowly forming their identity as a new band in the scene and they’ve decided to take a darker turn with their new single.

On the release, the band say:

“Our second single “Insanity” is definitely going to paint our identity clearer and this is the route we’ve decided to continue on as we grow with the band. I’ve always been a fan of darker sounds and horror aspects, so I’m obviously super excited to have that incorporated.”

Post Hardcore Trio Murals Release new track, ‘Out Of Sight, Out Of Spine’

Post-hardcore outfit Muralsreleased a powerful new single Out Of Sight, Out Of Spine” ft Garrett Russell (Silent Planet) on Equal Vision Records.

Written about the famine and suffering occurring in Ethiopia’s Tigray region,this new track seeks to draw awareness to the humanitarian tragedy the country has faced over the last year. The band will donate a portion of all proceeds from the song toRefugees International. You can streamthe song and learn more about Refugees International here.

On the theme of the song, Silent Planet vocalist Garrett Russell has this to say: 

In July of last year, I learned of the genocide that’s happening in Ethiopia, and my gut instinct was ‘how the f*** have I not heard about this?’ Whole villages of men, women and children are being slaughtered, their bodies decomposing in the sun. It really troubles me that I can share a planet with these people and have no idea that that’s going on. The drawback of our myopic focus on COVID is that there are some human rights violations that are not nearly getting the worldwide audience and chorus of people calling for change.”

“People can affect change in a lot of different ways, and I hope people hear this and want to know what’s going on there, and get involved beyond a local level. We can’t turn a blind eye to atrocities happening on this Earth right now. We’ve all been given this unique, crazy privilege of being human beings for some amount of time, and it’s our responsibility as adults on this Earth to try to do something about this as this is happening in our time.”

Murals Guitarist Shane Gann had this to add:

“This song was always meant to hit a specific emotion – sort of an intriguing type of uncomfortable – and we’re honored that Garrett was inspired by the song in such a way that allows us to bring light to such an imposing topic as the massacres going on in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.”

Check out the track, ‘Out Of Sight, Out Of Spine’ via your preferred streaming service.

Swedish Folk Metallers MÅNEGARM Release Second Single & Officially Video, ‘En Snara Av Guld’

Swedish folk metal mainstays MÅNEGARM have made a name for themselves in the international scene by releasing nine full-length records since their debut, Nordstjärnans tidsålder, back in 1998. Now, the Scandinavian crew takes another stroll through ancient sagas and myths of long forgotten times on the successor to 2019’s chart-topping Fornaldarsagor with their upcoming 10th studio album, Ynglingaättens Öde (EN: the fate of the Ynglinga kin), out April 15, 2022 via Napalm Records.

On the new single, MÅNEGARM say:
‘En snara av guld’ is our newest single from the upcoming album and is one of the songs that we are most satisfied with. It’s a grand, epic song that revolves around one simple but powerful melody; a melody that tells this gruesome story in a captivating way: the story about the Finnish daughter Skjalv who gets abducted and is forced to marry King Agne – the same man that killed her father. She finally gets her revenge on Agne and when the new day dawns, the King gets his final rest high up in the trees.”

Finnish Rockers Flush Drop New Lyric Video For ‘Weak And Wrong’

FLUSH is a four-piece rock band from Helsinki, Finland. The music is influenced by punk rock, alternative rock, hard rock, and metal, and it sounds pretty much like a mix of all of those.

The band have dropped the lyric video for, “Weak and Wrong” taken from FLUSH’s upcoming EP “Conspiracies, Threats and Chaos”, due for release on the 1st of April via Wormholedeath worldwide.

Check out ‘Weak And Wrong’ below.

Moodring Release New Track, ‘Constrict’

Rising high off January’s soaring mini-epic ‘Disintegrate’, Floridian alt-metal quartet Moodringhave unveiled their brand new single, ‘Constrict’. 

“’Constrict’ is a song about toxic spirals,” shares Moodring vocalist and creative driver Hunter Young“It sees the narrator stuck within the confines of a one-sided relationship, comparing the relationship to the way Constrictor snakes kill their prey by coiling around them and squeezing until they’re crushed, void of oxygen. The narrator searches for truth, but when they finally reach it, they do not have the stomach to leave the situation. The song climaxes with them knowing the relationship is dead, but still sticking around, despite the fact that it’s long been over, giving up and letting the story spiral downward into even more toxic situations.”

Directed by UK based filmmaker Zak Pinchin (Loathe, Holding Absence, Modern Error), the ‘Constrict’ video threads the needle between sultry and scary, a perfect companion to the powerful contrasts inherent to the Moodring sound. 

Check out ‘Constrict’ below.

Vukovi Release Huge New Single, ‘Lasso’

Scottish duo VUKOVI have dropped a brand new song ‘Lasso’. The track, which premiered last night on Jack Saunders’ Future Sounds radio show on Radio 1. The single is out now via LAB Records and available to listen to via the following link.

Speaking on LASSO Janine said “Lasso is about being blinded by perception. People not seeing or understanding the real person underneath their “Popstar” status. Being pulled in all directions to please others only looking to gain from your success”

Check out ‘Lasso’ below.

The band are currently on tour supporting CREEPER around the UK. You can see the band at the remaining dates and this summer at 2000tress Festival and KINGSfest this summer.

18th March – Leeds Beckett University, Leeds (Supporting Creeper)
19th March –  O2 Ritz, Manchester (Supporting Creeper)
2nd June –  KINGSfest, Llanidloes
8th July – 2000 Trees, Cheltenham

Band Interview Of The Day – Rabid Hood

Hello and welcome everybody to the next iteration of the band of the day interview! Today we can to the Hard Rockers Rabid Hood!

  1. If could introduce yourselves for us, who are you?

Well Rabid Hood is a melodious Hard Rock band from Vestland/Norway. The band has extensive experience in the Metal and Rock n Roll stage with members from Helheim, ex-Taake, Trelldom, Nattverd, Aventyr and Spitfire++. This should be a good foundation to produce good quality music for new and old hard rock listeners to enjoy. Produced by Beau Hill music production the hard-hitting drummer with a touch of metal, hard rock and rock at the same time, lead guitarist with heavenly solos, rhythm guitar and bass which creates a solid foundation for success and a vocalist who tops it all. 

  1. How did you all meet?

Some of us have known each other since childhood the rest we have become acquainted with through friends and friends of friends in the music community. 

  1. How long have you been playing?

Well since Rabid Hood is a brand new band we haven’t played so long together. We wanted to start a new hard rock band and me Aven and Martinussen started recording some demo songs a few years ago but it stopped there The songs remained untouched until we got Venås and Igland in the band in the summer of 2021 so now we’re up and running and we are pretty excited about it.

  1. What three words would you use to describe the music you play?

Hard hitting, controlled sort of insanity, melodious hard rock.

  1. What are your musical influences?

We were all born in the 70’s so we like what we grew up with … like Motorhead, AC / DC, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath etc and we always wanted to be like them. So i think it has probably affected us as a band more than we think but thats how it is.

  1. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen during a show?

Naked man running through the audience.

  1. Being away from the stages since last year, where is the one place you’d visit when the restrictions are lifted?

 It must be Inside live in Bergen great place.

  1. What’s the one record you own but wouldn’t ever admit to owning?

  Must be the Norwegian band Vassendgutane absolutely awful must remember to throw it away. just so it’s mentioned I did not buy it LOL.

  1. What have you been listening in the last few weeks?

Have listened to a bit of everything. It’s not difficult when it comes to music.

  1. Are there any releases you have planned in the near future?

Currently working on a new album soon ready for new and old hard rock listeners who appreciates good music.

Follow Rabid Hood via:


Rotting Out Release New Track, ‘Who Am I’

American hardcore punks, Rotting Out have released a visceral new track, ‘Who Am I’. 

This is their latest latest effort where they’ve worked with Alex Estrada(ACxDC, NAILS, Touche’ Amore) for the first time since 2008. ‘Who Am I’ is out now via Pure Noise Records and fans can stream it on your preferred streaming platform.

Check out the track, ‘Who Am I’ below.

Red City Radio Announce Live Record, ‘Live At Gothic Theatre’

Red City Radio have announced their new live record ‘Live At Gothic Theatre’out on the 6th May via Pure Noise Records.

Speaking about In The Shadows guitarist Ryan Donovan said “One of our favorite to perform live as it’s filled with peaks and valleys accompanied by a great story that lends to immediate imagery. The cello feature on this track also made this a standout for the live stream. This song is usually in our live setlist on tour as it’s a crowd favorite off of our SkyTigers EP.”

Ryan also spoke about the live album and why it was so important to them “I really pushed for us to do the live show because RCR has always been a very fan engaged/accessible band, and after almost two years away ( due to covid) it was important for us to give our fans a little love – especially after 7 months of silence following the release of our new album “Paradise”. We are spread out over North America – Oklahoma, California, and Canada – so we were at the mercy of travel restrictions or else we would have done a live stream sooner. We felt it was worth the effort and ultimately glad it was able to come together when it did – even if we were a little late to the live stream party when it officially streamed in June 2021.”

Check out the Cover Art and Tracklisting the Live Record as well as video for ‘In the Shadows’ as well as ‘Love A Liar’ below.

1. Where Does The Time Go (Live)
2. Baby of the Year (Live)
3. Electricity (Live)
4. Two out of Three Ain’t Rad (Live)
5. Gutterland (Live)
6. Rebels (Live)
7. 100,000 Candles (Live)
8. Paradise (Live)
9. In The Meantime… (Live)
10. Apocalypse, Please! (Live)
111. Love a Liar (Live)
12. In The Shadows (Live)

Pre-orders are available via the following link.