Jamie Beale Releases Tantalising Debut Single, ‘Borderline’

Taking to writing after a whirlwind year, and increasingly isolated period of his life, songwriter Jamie Beale has released his debut single ‘Borderline’ today, taken from his upcoming debut album out later this year.

Beale has an array of musical achievements under his belt; as vocalist and songwriter of Bristol-based rock band Novatines he’s toured the UK and Europe extensively and has received international radio play on BBC Radio 2, 6 Music and Radio X.

Self produced and engineered by Katie May from Real World Studios, Borderline hits like a sugar rush. The track, an enchanting blend of indie-rock, dream-pop and acid-funk, blends dewy guitar textures, soaring harmonies and synth-laden soundscapes backed by the track’s shuffling drums and tantalising grooves. 

Speaking about the single, Beale states: “I wrote Borderline in the middle of a pretty isolated period of my life. I was alone in a winter lockdown, my relationship at the time was falling apart, and my usual form of escapism that was music and touring was looking incredibly uncertain, along with my idea of a future within music. 

“I was spending the majority of my time living in a hazy dreamworld, searching for something positive to hold onto, I felt that no matter what, I still had me and my own personal freedom of mind, and there was something comforting about that. Somewhere between my partially self-induced cabin fever madness and a sense of unshakable positivity in an unusual time, I wrote Borderline. I guess it’s a song for people with nowhere to go, and how not knowing where you belong isn’t always a bad thing.”

Check out the track, ‘Borderline’ below.

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