Monowhales Release New Track, ‘New Threads’

Toronto based Monowhales have dropped a new track, ‘New Threads’, their second release of the year following on from ‘CTRL^^^’

Vocalist Sally Shaar says: “New Threads” is centered around coming of age but not as a teenager—as an adult in your 20s. When I listen to this song I remember that I get told again and again, ‘be yourself’ or ‘people love you for who you are’ but no one really talks about how hard that is to actually do. It’s been a long road trying to get comfortable in this skin and I still don’t understand it completely because I know that it’s constantly changing. What is nice though at this point in my life is that I feel a bit more settled into myself. It’s not as confusing and terrifying as it used to be.”

Drummer Jordan Circosta continues: “When I was young, I always thought about adulthood as the feeling of being ‘finished’ or ‘complete’. It’s somehow both freeing and disappointing to reach a certain age and realize that you’re never done learning. Zach’s lyric “call me a disaster but maybe I just found my groove” hit me like a freight train when I first heard it. I felt like it perfectly summarized the feeling of trying to build a good life out of the rubble of your past failures. It’s an incredibly hopeful sentiment that doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the pain that comes with real growth”.

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