Crawlers Release New Single, ‘I Can’t Drive’

Liverpool-based four-piece CRAWLERS have recently dropped share their latest stunning single ‘I Can’t Drive’. 

The track is the band’s debut release on Polydor Records since signing to the label in January. It comes hot on the heels of their hit single ‘Come Over (Again)’, which crashed into the Official UK Singles Chart thanks to fan power alone. To date it has racked up over 26.4 million streams on Spotify.

‘I Can’t Drive’ is, the band say, about “the romanticism of mental illness and heartbreak and how the media portrays it compared to the raw reality”. Singer Holly Minto elaborates, “This situation is about how me and my sibling went through break ups of toxic relationships. My mum secured that we didn’t need anyone else by filing for divorce from my dad and we all went through it together.”

CRAWLERS are firmly on the path to becoming one of Britain’s most vital acts.The band recently signed to Interscope Records and head Stateside in June for a tour of North America. 

CRAWLERS debut tour which in a few days will conclude has now completely sold out.

Check out the track, ‘I Can’t Drive’ below.

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