Post-Hardcore Trio Vagrants Share New Single, ‘Be Consumed’

Progressive post-hardcore outfit Vagrants have shared their new single “Be Consumed” out now on Equal Vision Records.

On the theme of their new song, the band has this to say: 

“‘Be Consumed’ was one of those songs that just spilled out all at once. I remember sitting down with my laptop,turning on the click track and essentially just jamming this song out front to back in maybe 30 minutes or so. Besides shortening a couple of the sections by a few bars, it’s almost identical (instrumentally) to its original conception as a demo. Which is wild- as a songwriter every song comes about and evolves into its final form in its own way. Often you have to really work things out, sometimes with a ton of versions before you feel like it’s there. Instead, the challenge with ‘Be Consumed’ was trusting our guts and not screwing it up by feeling like we HAD to try and change it into a more conventional song structure, or try and write this really hooky chorus to fit in with a lot of the other songs on the album. I felt connected to this one immediately, and knew there was something unique about the song; the way it captured both some of the lightest and also most over the top and aggressive moments we have as a band, so far. ‘

The band will release forthcoming album Be Consumed later this year on Equal Vision Records, with  tour dates being announced throughout 2022. 

Check out ‘Be Consumed’ below.

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