Holly Humberstone Releases New Single, ‘Sleep Tight’

Award winning Breakthrough Artist has dropped her latest single, ‘Sleep Tight’ which was co-written with Matty Healy of The 1975 and longtime collaborator Rob Milton.

“It’s awkward trying to navigate catching feelings for a friend, as they are often feelings we might have been suppressing for some time. When they float to the surface, you have to weigh up the risks of getting hurt and potentially losing them in your life. I wrote ‘Sleep Tight’ about the uncertainty of friendships evolving into something more. The first summer out of lockdown was pretty crazy for my friends and I because we finally had our freedom back and acted like we had nothing to lose. This song takes me back to that time of what felt like no consequences and impending heartbreak” – Holly Humberstone

Check out ‘Sleep Tight’ below.

Malevolence Release Third Single, ‘Still Waters Run Deep’

Hard hitting quintet Malevolence have dropped a new track off their upcoming record, ‘Malicious Intent’, which only heats up the excitement for what we’re going to hear off the forthcoming release.

The song and video documents the band’s young career, from 2009 to date, from a fresh faced, local band to international touring powerhouse.

Malevolence front-man Alex Taylor stated,
“This video is a deep dive into the history of Malevolence. We dug through hours of old archive footage and picked out some highlights from over the years as the song is a tribute to the journey we have set upon together, and the bond it has formed between us.
After hundreds of shows and thousands of hours in the van and practice room,
being a part of this band has been the most rewarding experience of our lives and this video reflects the evolution and progress of Malevolence over the last 12 years.
We hope you enjoy it!” 

Check out the video for ‘Still Waters Run Deep’ below.

Hear tOf Gold Release New Single, ‘Leave Just Yet’

Manchester based outfit Heart Of Gold have announced their debut album Beautiful Dangerous, out August 12th via SharpTone Records.

“There’s a distinct correlation between beauty and danger. Certain parallels become known once you’ve spent some time growing. Whether it’s the warmth of a new love, the longing that comes after a broken heart, the rush of an unexpected storm in the middle of a crowded city, there is a beauty and a danger to everything; some things are one or the other, but most are clearly both. ‘Beautiful Dangerous’, dissected carefully into fourteen pieces, demonstrates clearly where you can find the line between these two sincere words”

“Metaphorically speaking, ‘Leave Just Yet’ was a song of self-realization. It was understanding that after however long I have been writing and performing music as a career, I think I still don’t truly know who I am, so the journey has become one of discovery to find out. ‘Leave Just Yet’ touches on milestones and pinnacle moments in life, inside and outside of this world I’ve created where I think I have it figured out, but the truth is, I don’t. And that is absolutely fine for now.”

Check out ‘Leave Just Yet’ below.

My Kid Brother Share New Single, ‘Shoulders’

Virigia based My Kid Brother have dropped a new track, ‘Shoulders’.

“I started writing ‘Shoulders’ at the end of a long-term relationship,” says the band’s Piano Whitman“I was yearning for the connection we used to have, even though I knew things were over.”

My Kid Brother rose up out of Leesburg with a singular sound reflective of the city’s small-town intimacy, yet wildly ambitious all at once. The indie-pop quintet fuses warm keys, wistful psychedelic melodies, off-kilter guitar, wiry grooves, iridescent harmonies, and vocal interplay. Last year, the band released its self-titled EP via Fearless Records.

Check out ‘Shoulders’ below.

Moodring Announce Debut Record, ‘Stargazer’

Rising Floridian alt-metal quartet Moodring have spent 2022 thus far taking listeners on a journey of contrast and juxtaposition. Where ‘Disintegrate’ paired spacious beauty with existentialist lyricism, ‘Constrict’ set a quest for truth within toxic spirals to a soundtrack of pummelling immediacy. But these tracks were but tastes of what was to come, lying in wait, coiled and ready to strike. 

Today, Moodring are peeling the veil further with the announcement of debut album, Stargazer, to be released on 10th June 2022, via UNFD. 

An album soaked and splattered with shades of crimson, black and blue, Stargazer explores themes of pain and loss, sex and addiction, love and death against a gloriously patchwork musical backdrop. 

“We were excited to explore deeper themes and different aspects of our band throughout the full length,” shares vocalist Hunter Young, who co-produced Stargazer at his home studio, The Swamp Sound, alongside collaborator Austin Coupe; “The album dives into our pool of influences unabashedly but resurfaces as its own entity. Each song was written with personal meaning and multiple themes, whilst remaining ambiguous and open enough for listeners to relate in their own way.” 

Alongside the album announcement, Moodring have unleashed a third single from Stargazer in the shape of the thick, pulsing ‘SYNC.wav’, a slow-burning crush that typifies the duality at the core of the album and, indeed, its creators. 

“The intention of SYNC.wav was to create something that was blatantly erotic but expressed through one of the more crushing and heavy sides of the album,” reveals Hunter. “It describes the moment you start falling for someone or something, the intoxicating romantic aura of it all. But on the flipside, it also addresses a human tendency to drown in that very same romance. It’s about losing yourself completely, for better and worse. The title itself highlights that inherent ambiguity, with opposing meanings stemming from the one word that is repeated throughout – to “sink”, or to “sync”. Despite the overt sexual references on the surface, at its core, the lyrics tackle two different things that all too often collide with each other: romance and addiction. Addicted to love, addicted to sex, addicted to the moment.”

Check out the video for ‘SYNC.wav’ below.

Void Of Vision Release New Video For ‘Altar’

Pull a chair up to the pummeling unveiling of Melbourne metalcore quartet Void Of Vision‘s new EP CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN, officially out today on UNFD.

Marking the aural apex of CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN, ‘ALTAR’ steadily worships unbridled lyrical exploration equally with loss, hope and gripping chaos as Bergin’s searing vocals elegantly intertwine with guest vocalist Greenwood; and it’s this enthralling contrast that is equally on full display via the brand new clip, directed in the UK by Zak Pinchin.

Bringing the rumination, rampage and raw charm on display across the space of five tracks to a riveting conclusion, ‘ALTAR’ may ultimately close the metaphorical door to CHRONICLES II: HEAVEN, but it also simultaneously and surreptitiously signposts an open-ended window to a boundless future in the Void Of Vision universe, as Bergin explains: “ALTAR serves as the ‘climax’, if you will, of the Chronicles series. It represents a stage where within loss, one’s world completely stops turning and life is left fleeting. I experienced a moment in time in said stage where I discovered that there are things death could never touch, and that love will always be impervious to its cold embrace. 

“We really wanted the finale of this EP to leave our world that we’ve created extremely open to what could come next. I feel like we’re leaving our story teetering on the edge of either a rebirth harnessing new-found energy or a relapse into chaos and destruction.. potentially even somewhere in-between.”

Check out the video for ‘Altar’ below.

The Faim Announce New Record, ‘Talk Talk’

Aussie four-piece rock band The Faim has just announced their sophomore album Talk Talk out July 8 via BMG. The album follows the band’s 2019 debut State Of Mind.

Today, the band offers another glimpse at their forthcoming record with the stunning track “The Alchemist,” produced by Grammy-Nominated Producer/Songwriter Matthew Pauling (Palaye Royale, 5 Seconds of Summer, State Champs).

The track follows the previously released (to fan acclaim) “ERA,” the adrenaline-charged “The Hills,” and the driving pop-rock anthem “Ease My Mind.” 

“‘The Alchemist’ is about that one person who unexpectedly enters your life and changes everything for the better,” says bassist and keyboardist Stephen Beerkens. “They are the one who picks you up when you’re down, and sees the good in you, even when you don’t see it in yourself.”

Check out the track listing and all previously released tracks for the record below.


  1. madly, badly, fixed
  2. The Hills
  3. You (and my Addiction)
  4. The Alchemist
  5. Life in a Cinema
  6. Faith in Me
  7. Ease My Mind
  8. Me Because of You
  9. Flowers
  10. Jealous Love
  11. ERA

Pre-orders are available via the following link.

UK Hardcore Quartet Last Wishes Drop Debut Record, ‘Organised Hate’

hardcore band Last Wishes have shared their debut album, Organized Hate out on DAZE (US) and The Coming Strife (UK). The album was completely self-produced by the band and then mixed and mastered by Terror drummer Nick Jett. Across the ten in-your-face tracks on Organized Hate, the band commentates on their upbringing in Northern Ireland touching on life experiences, pain, and anguish. 

As vocalist Corin puts it, “We wanted to express the hardships of growing up in a place like Northern Ireland, but in a way that would be relatable to anyone no matter where they’re from as this kinda shit happens all over the world in different ways. The first half of the record deals with feelings of anger and aggression, acting on those feelings without thinking and feeling rejected by people and society. Then we dive into the psychological effects this can have, looking inside yourself for reasons why you feel or act a certain way, not fitting in, past traumas that shape you as you grow older.” 

Sonically, Organized Hate is full impact, from heavy breakdowns to more melodic moments that boast the band’s range. Pushing forth an uncompromising aggression, Last Wishes draws comparisons to bands like E.Town Concrete and King Nine.

‘Organised Hate’ is available to order via the following link.

Until I Wake Share Video For Single, ‘Inside My Head’

Buffalo quartet Until I Wake have dropped a new video for their explosive single, ‘Inside My Head’

“Inside My Head” is a rager that explores the emotional aftermath of a bad relationship. “It looks at the struggles that come from trying to find closure,” the band explains. That universally relatable message is encased in slow, melodic verses, fierce riffs, and an explosively catchy chorus. It builds up to a massively heavy breakdown plunked in the middle of the track. “Inside My Head” will do just that to the listener — it will take up residence in your brain for days at a time, thanks to its many hooks. The song shows off the band’s ability to be as heavy and hard as it is melodic and memorable. 

Check out the video below.

Izza Shares New Single & Video For ‘Love Bracelets’

Today, electro-pop singer, songwriter and producer Izza returns with her new single and video, “Love Bracelets.”

“Love Bracelets” is an instantly infectious, club-ready single that spreads an empowering message of self-love. Expanding on the new song, Izza says: “I used to value my worth based on how people viewed me and what relationships I was in or wasn’t in. I wrote ‘Love Bracelets’ when I started focusing on myself and discovered that true happiness doesn’t come from loving someone else, but by loving yourself.” Fusing trap-inspired beats, experimental synths and digitized vocals, “Love Bracelets” puts Izza’s knack for creating addictive electro-pop gems on full display. 

Inspired by her upbringing in California, Izza’s gritty pop sound and unapologetic lyrics explore the duality between fantasy and reality as she attempts to find purpose in a materialistic world. At age 13, writing songs became a form of therapy and productive rebellion for Izza— an outlet to express herself and her struggles without restriction or consequence.

Check out the video for ‘Love Bracelets’ below.