Don’t Sleep On Gilts New Track, ‘Trophy Hunter’

Gilt have dived further into their brutally heavy sound with the impactful new track, ‘Trophy Hunter’

The journey of a composition features guest vocals from Nat Lacuna of The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir (who is also involved in capturing much of GILT’s imagery). An evocative music video has been released alongside the track to add a visual element to match the music’s intensity. ‘Trophy Hunter’ is the climax of GILT’s forthcoming new EP ‘Conceit’ which is set for release 06 May via Smartpunk Records. The affecting ‘Amethyst’ (ft. Shaolin G of Unity TX) with its poetic, emotion-drenched, post-hardcore stylings was the first single to be revealed from the forthcoming collection and will open up the release. 

“We probably spent as much time refining the time modulation noise at the start of Trophy Hunter as we did on any of the musical parts because this track is at the core of the rage-fit that is Conceit, and every part of it is made to keep the energy flowing in a different way from push-mosh to floor punching beats,” says guitarist and bassist Tyler Fieldhouse. Vocalist Ash Stixx continues “Nat (Lacuna – on guest vocals) did a beautiful job of embodying multiple voices and getting as close to actually using the word ‘gilt’ in a song as we’ve ever dared to come (“foil to the canvas”). ‘Trophy Hunter’ culminates all the previous ideas and coping mechanisms of ‘Conceit’ and actively taunts Death, begging to be the one taken instead of the ones we’ve lost. In a sort of stockholm way, ‘Trophy Hunter’ rebukes salvation and takes solace in living in the shadow of death and both fearing and courting it. We didn’t have any real uplifting message to present at the end of this like our previous work, but the story is still ongoing. We’re all still living in the wake of our pasts and the band will definitely have a lot more of this to tackle on further releases so we’re not tying it up with a bow. Sometimes you lose someone and you wish they had lost you instead. It’s not sensible or nice, it’s honestly pretty selfish and conceited. But it’s human.”

GILT kicked off 2022 playing shows with Sarah and the Safe Word. They’re also lined up to support Mannequin Pussy in Florida in May and they’ll be headlining across the US, Europe and the UK off the back of their new EP.

Check out the UK Touring Dates below.

June 2022

9th Thu Bristol UK Exchange (Basement)
10th Fri Newport UK Le Pub
11th Sat Leeds UK Temple of Boom
12th Sun London UK The Queen’s Head, Brixto

Check out ‘Trophy Hunter’ below.

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