Gag Salon Share New Single, ‘My Gun’

Frenetic art-rock quartet Gag Salon announce debut EP ‘Get A Load of This Guy’ for June 16thvia Blitzcat Records. New single ‘My Gun’ out today.

Styled as the surviving members of a function band gone up in flames, the guinea pigs of experimental surgery and new age psychotherapy, Gag Salon are fundamentally a pop group, inviting you to interrogate the undesirable, and exorcise your demons via LCD intensity and Beefheartian wonk. 

And from the scuzzy, discordant opening guitar stabs of ‘My Gun’ – akin to the Psycho strings on a sugar-rush – Gag Salon set out this manic stall. The spiky, paranoid track at times feels like a turn in a tumble dryer with a prepared piano and full drum-set – these moments of chaos providing the counterpoint for the relative airiness of a quasi-epic and revelatory chorus. 

Check out the video for ‘My Gun’ below.

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