Praise Drop Third Single, ‘Life Unknown’ From Upcoming Record, ‘All In A Dream’

Just two weeks away from the release of their new album, All In A Dream, Baltimore-area band Praisehave shared third single “Life Unknown”. The track is one of the most experimental on the album, weaving through different guitar tones and carefree vocals while still bridging together the band’s melodic-driven sound. Following “All In A Dream” and “Hotline To Memory”, “Life Unknown” continues looking inward at human emotions, this time focusing on taking someone else’s perspective on loss. All In A Dream releases May 6th on Revelation Records and is available for physical pre-order here.

Formed as a five-piece unit in 2010, Praise’s mission statement has been to work within the box of traditional hardcore while exploring the bounds of melody in every possible sense. All In A Dream darts and dashes through scenes, decades, and genres, united by the core tenets of a catchy song and the impulse to deliver a message. The band takes influence from ‘80s Minneapolis power-pop and the rich history of Washington, D.C. hardcore punk as much as from bands like Dag Nasty, The Cure, and Leatherface, along with sprinkles and nods to traditional guitar-based pop. The album is full of springy hardcore that travels with urgency while exploring the themes of introspective struggle, imagining a better world outside of our own, and the evolution of grief throughout the years. To achieve the sound found across the nine songs on the record, the band worked with producer and engineer Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations in Baltimore, MD and Brian McTernan (Be Well) stepped in as a second producer as well, focusing on song structure and vocal performances. 

Check out ‘Life Unknown’ below.

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