Abbie Ozard Releases New Track, ‘Rose Tinted’

Manchester based Abbie Ozard has released a new single ‘Rose Tinted’, the final preview of new EP ‘Water Based Lullabies’, out July 1st via House Anxiety.

Talking about the song, Abbie says:  

“Rose tinted was a poem I wrote a few years back when I realised all my friends were growing up and I felt kinda left behind. I found myself covering up these feelings with clothes and messing with the way I looked. I even tried meditating, which I hated because it made me think way too much. It’s an observation on how 20 somethings cope with transitioning into adulthood, how they share their morning routines online, meditate to stay calm, buy new outfits – that whole ‘don’t get depression vibe’. I want to be able to soundtrack my generation.” 

Through her new EP Abbie is experimenting with her sound. Downtempo single ‘Grown’ set the foundations for an evolution in approach, born out of Abbie’s own personal and musical development, and follow-up ‘Pisces’ coloured this in. Moving beyond bedroom-pop origins, she’s added contemplative elements inspired by Phoebe BridgersWolf Alice or Folklore/Evermorewithout losing her ear for a life-affirming hook. “I love that no two of my singles are sounding the same in this era,” Abbie explains, “The last thing I want to be is predictable. I feel like genre isn’t really a thing anymore and when I remind myself of that I feel like I can express myself creatively and have the freedom to make whatever music I want.” 

The ‘Water Based Lullabies’ EP is out July 1st via House Anxiety.

Check out ‘Rose Tinted’ below.

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