Laye Releases New Track, ‘I Could Die’

Alt Pop Rocker Laye has dropped a new striking yet haunting track which comes from the feeling of wanting to feel nothing that all, ‘I Could Die’.

This is a track which we can all relate to, one that gives us hope in a hour of need and just pops from the moment you hear it.

On the release, Laye says:

My new song, “I Could Die,” is about feeling tired of all the annoyances in life – men, catty girls – and that’s it’s better to feel all the feelings than to feel nothing at all.

There’s something hopeful in being able to feel anything at all, even if you feel annoyed or frustrated; there’s something to hold onto there.

First things first, put these bitches in a hearse

It’s fun to come out swinging sometimes. I’m usually pretty reserved, but in my music I can spark it up a bit more than in real life.

Check out ‘I Could Die’ below.

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