Sumo Cyco Drops New Energetic Music Video For ‘Cyclone’

SUMO CYCO have just dropped a brand new, high-voltage music video for their deliciously chaotic Initiation track “Cyclone”

Frontwoman Skye “Sever” Sweetnam says about the “Cyclone” video:
“‘Cyclone’ was written about the unpredictable scenarios life can throw at us all. We just have to hang on.” 

She adds about the band’s touring plans:
“As we embark on our first tours since the pandemic began in 2020, it feels like things have been ramping up from zero to sixty real fast. And with more dates just added with Icon for Hire and Awake at Last, our life is imitating art right now. They say there’s quiet before the storm and we’re brining the storm on the road this spring/summer!”

Check out the video for ‘Cyclone’ below.

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