156/Silence Release New Single, ‘A Past Embrace’

resh on the heels of their ferocious new EP, “Don’t Hold Your Breath” that was released in October 2021, Pittsburgh’s rising hardcore/metal band 156/SILENCE have unveiled a brand new, previously unreleased single, “A Past Embrace,” from SharpTone Records.

“‘When we wrote the beginning riff to ‘A Past Embrace‘ we knew immediately that it was going to be a different type of song for us. It really showcases all of the different aspects of our sound while also being a cohesive, weird track.”

Delving into the song’s lyrical meaning, vocalist Jack Murray adds: 

Everything expires. Things that once brought us feelings of grandeur and strength won’t always hold that power they once did. ‘This isn’t what I always loved. This isn’t fun. This is a past embrace.‘”

Check out the video for ‘A Past Embrace’ below.

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