Lia Hide Releases New Track, ‘Uterus Will’ via Coach Town Records

Greek Avant-Pop artist Lia Hide returns with her new single ‘Uterus Will’ taken from the brilliant new album ‘The Missing Fourth Guest’. Following a stint signed to EMI-Universal, working with a number of acclaimed producers including multiple Grammy award winner Adam Ayan, the Athens-based artist has established herself as one of the most exciting names on the Art-Pop scene. Once again showcasing her strikingly unique blend of Pop, Electronica and Jazz, Lia’s three-piece band have signed with Conch Town Records and are releasing some of their most exciting music to date.   

‘Uterus Will’ sees Lia bring her Jazz influences to her synth heavy, Alternative-Pop sound with twinkling piano, moving bass lines and shuffling beats under Lia’s spoken word vocals. Building with layers of synths and the introduction of and intoxicating brass solo, this is Lia at her creative best. Unafraid to experiment and push the boundaries of her music, this is another demonstration of Lia’s impeccable talents as a songwriter and performer.  

Lia describes ‘Uterus Will’ as: “A spoken word narrative, weaved in a soliloquy. Lover to lover, random thoughts on death, loss and life. A woman who has yet to be a mother. A daughter who lost her father-in-law. Cars driving fast and halting abruptly in the illuminated night streams. Lego bricks and the fear of dementia. An electro-pop dark song, reminiscent of 80s Anne Clark, dressed up with jazzy bass and trumpet solos and wrapped up in a Tori Amos fragile ending.”

Check out the new release of ‘Uterus Will’ below.

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