Sylvia Kay Pens Nostalgic Ode TO Coming Of Age In ‘Legacy’

Pop-Country artist Sylvia Kay has dropped her latest track, ‘Legacy’

“Legacy” starts out shimmering with mellow beats underneath, and then Kay’s voice comes in ethereal and crystalline, painting a watercolor of her hometown — the blue skies, the violets, the dusty, tree-lined backroad where her dad used to speed. She’s looking around, soaking it in, taking mental snapshots, and taking us along on this journey to adulthood. “What does living on the edge of seventeen even mean? / All these people tryna tell me who they want me to be,” she sings.

Fittingly, she started writing the song on an old piano in her parents’ basement, which she had had since she was five years old. She finished the song with VEC Entertainment Group’s Bruno Vecchio and Acrylic Recording’s Harley Tamblin, who helped her focus the lyrics and add a killer guitar line and some gorgeous harmonies. 

Sylvia Kay is a bright new talent who lived most of her life in a small town in Ontario. As a child, she had terrible stage fright, but with the help of some beloved music teachers, Lisa and Nick Carione at INKey Music Studio, she overcame her shyness. Ten years later, the stage feels like her home, and she is a Music Minister at her parish and writes music any chance she gets. 

Check out the track, ‘Legacy’ below.

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