Wings Of Desire Share New Single, ‘A Million Other Suns’

Wings of Desire share atmospheric new effort ‘A Million Other Suns’, set for release May 3rd via WMD Recordings.

Operating at the intersection between pensive reflection and brash catharsis, the London-based duo’s gritty dream-pop aims to resolve on a life-affirming beat. Latest effort ‘A Million Other Suns’ reflects these feelings of living in the moment, as the duo explain: 

“Long summer nights and escaping the mundane. ‘A Million Other Suns’ was written after finishing a shift at the pub and taking a moment to people watch, seeing these uptight vessels of society loosening and allowing themselves to relax and release their inhibitions. Yes, tomorrow is a new day. But tonight is about forgetting”.

Comprised of Chloe Little and James TaylorWings of Desire are obsessed and inspired by a number of scenes with both noughties New York indie and Factory Records prominent in their spiky influence, yet they zero in on a particular Germanic experience as a key catalyst:

We were inspired by a trip to Berlin where we visited the legendary Hansa studios, and got drunk at Neues Ufer”. 

‘A Million Other Suns’ – the new single from Wings of Desire – is out May 3rd via WMD Recordings.

Check out ‘A Millions Other Suns’ below.

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