Montreal Singer-Songwriter Laraw Drops New Single/Video For ‘Scissors’

Laraw has dropped her latest single & video for the track, ‘Scissors’

Co-written by Laraw and Michael Adubato (Maude Latour, Del Water Gap and Grace VanderWaal) and produced by Adubato as well, “Scissors” examines the end of a broken relationship. Laraw’s powerful vocals glide over melancholy-tinged guitar as the song crescendos towards the anthemic, heart-wrenching chorus: “stuck your scissors in my heart / now it’s tearing me apart / oh you cut me into pieces.”

Speaking about the track, Laraw says: “‘Scissors’ is about the grief of having a loved one completely destroy you – knowing they will and just letting it happen. It’s for sure the most important song I’ve ever written and marked a new chapter of my life. I got to actually meet myself, grow and learn that the first person you should always love is yourself.”

Check out the video for ‘Scissors’ below.

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