Sobriquet Channel 2000’s Post-Hardcore On New Track, ‘Death Of The Author’

Sheffield post-hardcore band Sobriquet release new single ‘Death of the Author’ alongside a self-produced music video, drawing on avant-garde film and religious imagery.

“It’s a declaration of self-worth, and a stand of solidarity against the dogma of public figureheads who elect to use their platform to spew hatred against some of the most vulnerable members of our community. We must celebrate the malleability of self identity and expression, and eschew the works and words of those who seek to diminish and segregate. A platform of privilege does not equate to a pedestal of respect. We dictate our own narrative. The author is dead,” says vocalist Ludovico Fahey of the new track.

He adds, “The track has a sharp, tight aggression to it that felt absolutely necessary to us, and a perfect development from our previous releases. It also allowed us to be more ambitious with time signatures and rhythms, something we had only really explored on previous track ‘Benighted'”.

Check out ‘Death Of The Author’ below.

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