The Tyne Release New Single / Video For ‘No Plans’

Up and coming trio, The Tyne have dropped a video for their latest single, ‘No Plans’

The Tyne explain “No Plans was written about how after 2 years of lockdown, communication was really messed up for a lot of people. Our social skills fully went out the window from not seeing anyone so when we came back it felt really overwhelming. It’s also about the struggle to maintain relationships throughout lockdown too, which one of us experienced first-hand. It probably didn’t help we were sat around playing video games and eating too much the whole time. We’ve still got no plans for the summer but at least now we have a song about it!”

On the EP, The Tyne said “We are Internet kids. The Internet’s always been present in our lives and I think a lot of what our generation is going through is a direct result of that.“ “We want people to be inspired by the music we make, like we’ve been inspired and comforted by other bands,”  Cooper adds “I think we’re going through the exact same things that most 17-years-olds are going through. Hopefully our music can help them feel less alone.”

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