Live Review – Destroy Boys @ Key Club, Leeds

Date: 03/03/22

Support: Pleasure Centre

Over the last few years (because of the pandemic) there’s been a lot of things taken from us but it’s given myself a lot of time to do things I love and one of those this is discover new music. It’s a lovely feeling discovering someone new and it’s an even better one, a feeling a of pure joy when you can watch them live and take in every note and word that they say, almost as is it’s gospel. The religion of music is back in full force for 2022.

One such discovery or rather two were Leeds based Pleasure Centre and Destroy Boys. Now firstly Pleasure Centre, they’re a ball of pure energy where on one hand there’s no real rhyme or reason to what they’re doing. They’re pure chaos incarnate but the blending of the sounds they create is something you want to experience time and time again. On the other hand their performance is almost a choreographed routine where one activates and the other takes a breather. Pleasure centre are a newer act on the scene but it’s their creativity and most importantly their passion which sets them apart from the mold and this will keep you in their consciousness for a long while!

Second on are the headliners in Destroy Boys and their energy I’m sorry Pleasure Centre but it surpasses yours’. The intensity of the crowd is perfection with the circle pits and mothers in this all inclusive space is fantastic to be watching. Even better there’s more of a Punk atmosphere in a anti-establishment atmosphere to what we’re seeing.

Something else which makes Destroy boys stand out is that every member has their own standout moments, screaming and bursting with energy which you don’t get with most bands… in that some have one main star to the cast. Every track in their set is just banger after banger, it makes you want to listen to them after the show for hours on end, I can’t remember the last time I attended a show at the key club and everybody moved such as that. This was Destroy Boys first ever headlining shows in the UK and it SOLD OUT! Next time they come, you need to be there.

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