Aussie Hardcore Quintet Speed Unleash New Ep, ‘Gang Called Speed’

Australian hardcore band Speed have shared their new EP, Gang Called Speed, out now on Flatspot Records and Last Ride Records. Recorded with Elliott Gallart at Chameleon Studios, the six songs on the EP are centered around recognizing who you are in this world, taking ownership of that identity and not letting anyone tell you otherwise. Drawing influence from acts like Biohazard and Merauder just as much as bands like Trapped Under Ice, the band puts forth pit-ready music highlighted by blitzing guitars and pummeling drums. The vocals hit nasty in the best way, showcasing the bite of the Sydney hardcore scene the band is leading the pack of.

Opener and lead single “Not That Nice” captures the band’s no hold barred approach, featuring a blunt vocal delivery and intricate guitar work. The EP dives deep into social commentary as “Another Toy” challenges misogynistic views in male culture, while “Move” addresses accepting the diversity in human experiences. “Big Bite” crushes through an old-school hardcore sound before gang vocals lead into the instrumental “Every Man For Themself” that is a buzz with chunky bass tones. The record ends with “Know Your Foe,” blending heavy and groove-laden elements that perfectly encompass the sound that is Speed.

Listen to ‘Gang Called Speed’ EP below.

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