Avoid Release New Single, ‘My World’

Seattle-based alternative act AVOID has released a bone-rattling new single in the form of ‘My World’. Their latest offering follows the double single “COWABUNGA”/”Split (Kill It).

Speaking on their new single, charismatic frontman, Benny Scholl shares:

“We’re so stoked to share this track with y’all. From the second we started writing it this has been one we’ve been excited about it, “ exclaims Scholl, adding: “It’s a song to turn up loud and say “fuck it” to anything getting you down. In my humble opinion, it also shows off every side of the band and gives you a taste of a little bit of everything that’s coming with future releases. Blast this shit, and welcome to My World”.

Check out the video for ‘My World’ below.

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